The City of San Diego Project Information Details
NCWRP Expansion
(Design Bid Build Project)
The City of San Diego
Project Information Details
NCWRP Expansion
(Design Bid Build Project)
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General Information
B15142 (Water Asset)
The North City Water Reclamation Plant (NCWRP) will be expanded so the facility can treat an average annual flow of 52 mgd, continue serving recycled water customers, and provide tertiary-treated water to the future Pure Water Facility (PWF) so it can produce 30 mgd of pure water. The work required to expand the treatment capacity includes new influent screens and screening washer/compacters, new bioreactor basins, retrofit of the existing aeration basins for first stage bioreactor basins, and
Martin, Reyhaneh
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Estimated Project Schedule(1)
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Schedule to be determined.
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Estimated Project Dollar Amount(1)   
(1) $18,450,793
Construction Activity
(1) $9,778,900
(3) Fully Funded
Shimmick Construction Company, Inc.
(1) 28 Months
Additional Remarks
See B15139 for Water Asset Click Here
1. The cost and schedule data shown here are the City’s current best estimates and subject to frequent change. Changes (if any) are updated once a month.
2. To learn more about Capital Improvement Projects, visit: The Citizens Guide to the Capital Improvement Program.
3. Fully Funded means there are sufficient funds for construction phase and Partially Funded means that there are insufficient funds for construction phase.
For questions or concerns about the project, call the Public Works Department construction project information line at (619) 533-4207, email, or submit your inquiry online.
Please reference the project name in your inquiry.
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